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Donating Easy

Create, share and track high performance donation links across multiple donation channels like print, social media and email with unique short links and QR codes to help you fundraise more effectively no matter where your donors are.

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How Everfund works

Create Donations links

Create fast and easy donation links with your messaging and branding for all your fundraising in only a few clicks.

Assign unique links to your appeals, campaigns, donors or partners and succeed with higher converting donations with single and monthly donation options, Gift Aid and marketing consent by donating in 3 screens and 30 seconds or less.

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Share links anywhere

Use short links and QR codes to lead donors straight to your donation links no matter where they are or where your charity engages with supporters.

Every touch point from posters, social media posts, donation ads, and fundraising packs can have the opportunity to donate to dramatically increase your donation exposure.

Gabriel 🧗‍♀️ 🗻@EverestClimber2021
I'm climbing Mount Everest this year to support Lincoln Foodbank. Help us raise money here:
4:45 PM · Jan 13, 2021
Gabriel 🧗‍♀️ 🗻@EverestClimber2021
I'm climbing Mount Everest this year to support Lincoln Foodbank. Help us raise money here:
4:45 PM · Jan 13, 2021


Use links on your email campaigns or your email footer to capture more opportunities.

Social media

Social media posts and campaigns to direct your supporters to your donation links.


Links and QR codes on posters, leaflets, direct mail and many other forms of print.


Embed donation links on your website for your main donation page or for appeals.

Video + livestreams

Share links on video calls or livestreams to raise funds from virtual events or meetings.

Supporter pages

Assign links to supporters participating or hosting one of your fundraising appeals.

QR codes + contactless

QR codes or contactless tech on print to allow you donors to tap or scan to donate.

Corporate partners

Give links to corporate partners raising money from their own events.


Raise more, track performance

How much does Everfund cost?
amount raised
Avg. Donation Portal:
Everfund saves you:
Based on avg. donations of £25 and 92% if donors covering fees, excluding other costs and Gift Aid collected.Avg. donation portal rates = 1.4% + 20p per transaction.
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High performance

Convert more income, Gift Aid and fundraising data, harness Apple and Google Pay and our clever payment forms with as little as 3 screens and 30 seconds or less to donate.

With 92% of donors on average covering the costs of processing fees on your behalf, you'll only directly pay for the fees of 8% of donations ensuring you get the maximum return compared to other platforms.

Learn what works best from your unique links placed around your charity and other insights to ensure you focus on the fundraising ideas that work best and that are sustainable.

Ready to raise more?

Sign up to our preview plan risk-free in only a few clicks and only pay if a donation is made that isn't already covered by the wonderful donors who do.

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Everfund has fundamentally changed our fundraising, it's given us a really easy-to-use platform and most importantly will work for our donors, thousands are raised every month and the significant increase of donations have helped us expand our services despite of Coronavirus crisis

Simon Hoare, CEO at Acts Trust

On a mission to Supercharge Fundraising

At Everfund, our mission is to develop outstanding technologies to empower charities and supercharge their fundraising. We're founded on a few principles that help guide us; User friendly, high performance, minimal direct costs.

User friendly because we're passionate about making our platform easy to use without having to navigate through complex dashboards and reports to achieve greatness.

Helping you achieve more with better conversions rates, higher donation totals and more Gift Aid declarations from simple, fast and easy to deploy donation links that your donors will love using.

Minimal direct costs to help make sure donations made to you go the further without having worries about fees cutting into your bottom line so you can focus on what matters in your fundraising.

Frequently asked questions

Can I try Everfund risk free?

Yes! We're committed to showing you the very best of what Everfund can do by signing up to our preview package which allows you to test the waters and see how everything works before committing to the full Everfund experience with our paid plans. You'll only pay if a donation is made that isn't already covered by the wonderful donors who do.

Can Everfund process Gift Aid?

Absolutely! We've designed our donation links to take Gift Aid as swiftly as possible with only 2 few more clicks compared to a donation without. Everfund's dashboard will hold your Gift Aid declarations until you want to export it to make a claim and we'll even manage its status too.

Can Everfund process recurring donations?

Yes! We can process recurring donations with Direct Debit payments for your regular giving campaigns. This helps your charity create loyal and long-term supporters with a predictable and repeatable source of income that's sustainable for your fundraising!

What does covering the fee do as a donor?

Everfund allows donors to cover the full costs of the payment processing fees on your behalf and a massive 92% of them do so meaning that on average you're only really directly paying for the fees of 8% of the donations made to you.

Can I belong to multiple charity teams within Everfund?

Of course! Many fundraising bodies have different teams within their organisation and need to keep funds and data separate so we allow you to be a user of many teams that you might be involved in to help you manage multiple accounts with ease.

What is a donation link?

A donation link is a special donation portal developed by Everfund which is optimised for serious fundraising and help process donations faster, more secure, and converts more income and data for your charity than a traditional donation portal. They can be shared anywhere online via a short link, such as, via a QR code that can be placed on print media to spread your word or in some special cases via ultra low cost contactless technology which can also be place on print media.

What can I do with multiple donation links?

Because each donation link is unique, using more than one donation link helps you make a picture of how each of your campaigns and appeals are performing in real time but also how well each of your fundraising channels or touch points are converting donations.