Donation Portals engineered for effective digital fundraisings.


Average donation

Everfund yields 293% higher average donations than a popular contactless alternative.


Donors cover our fees

Your donors care about you and almost always cover the fees of our platform on your behalf.


Donors stay in touch

Loyal donors matter and giving them the opportunities to consent for you to contact them is paramount.


Donors declare Gift Aid

With only 11% of Gift Aiders declaring with paper forms, we make sure they always have the opportunity to declare.

General Donation Portals

General donation portals are the go to for general giving all year round. They are your main donation portal, ready 24/7 to taken donations for any given purpose, branded to your charities main styles.

Customisable Donation Portals

Customisable Donation Portals allow your charity to have multiple variations of your portal for specific causes. This may be for a one day event you're attending, a new three month long campaign, or multiple portals for multiple supporters raising money on behalf of you at their own events. Each of one their branding can be completely different to the next and allows you to track the performance between them all.

Engineered for effective digital fundraising.


Each one of our Donation Portals is completely different to the next. You can say what you want to who you want with custom branding, content and donation values.

High Yielding.

We've engineered our donation portals to yield high volume donations and data. Our unique features allow you to get a great return on investment and allows you to capture data.


Using the latest technologies and use of the best security practises in our field, our portals are always up to date with the latest regulations, such as SCA, and hold data with highest level of security.

User Experience.

Once your supporters hit our portals, they aren't met with loading screens or multiple long forms. Our portals are fast to use and are designed to keep data entry to a minimum.

Ready to start?

Contact us and choose to start with our free Basic plan or inquire about our Pro or Enterprise plans for your charity to access the best of Everfund.

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