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Case Study

We released a preview version of Everfund with a select group of early adopters within the UK with non-profits including those working in areas of dog rescue, hospice care and homelessness, which enabled the team at Everfund to build a platform made specifically for modern-day fundraising and to then fine-tune what works best. This ultimately lead us to have innovative and incredibly effective fundraising tools in the hands of our early adopters to enable them to have unprecedented results for their non-profits despite the effects of COVID-19.

Everfund's Preview focused on bringing completely new and unseen fundraising practices into the charity industry with the goals of combatting the decline in cash, claiming Gift Aid efficiently, and reducing the current costs associated with fundraising.

Everfund focuses on raising money through high converting and next-gen donation portals which are accessed by a multitude of touchpoints within a charity. From portals running on social media campaigns, and email footers, to portals linked via contactless technology, QR codes, and short links on everyday print media. Each portal has its own branding to suit the charity, campaign, appeal, or supporter raising money on-behalf them to ensure a great donor experience and suitable context when donating.

Fees and the costs of fundraising for charities were always on the minds of the founders of Everfund whilst it was being initially developed. To help charities and non-profits reduce the costs of fundraising directly to them and help them get great returns on their fundraising efforts, we deployed the Cover Fee feature into our portals to allow donors to cover the fees on behalf of a charity. It has been used so much that the early adopters on Everfund's Preview have seen 95.2% of people covering the processing fees for donations, meaning that they are only paying the fees of a very small number of donations and in term getting one of the lowest average cost per donation seen anywhere.

Within the early adopter group of non-profits, Everfund has helped them reach completely new fundraising streams, channels, and audiences to engage with and raise money through. This has allowed them to collect Gift Aid in places where it wouldn't have been possible before, yield higher donations using Everfund's high converting portals, reduce their admin time to almost nothing for processing their donations and supporters, and it has given them the opportunity to open up a completely new, more efficient and sustainable approach to raising money for the future of their causes.

Working with the Foodbank during COVID-19

The Lincoln Foodbank joined Everfund to help them expand their fundraising practices sustainably and to increase the help and services they could offer to the population of Lincoln. Fundraising with other platforms saw them not having great results through the ones they previously used due to their low conversions, poor ability to reach donors, high fees, and the inability to capture Gift Aid and other data points effectively.

When the COVID-19 outbreak hit the Foodbank in March 2020, they had most of their income streams stripped from beneath them. Knowing this they expanded their use of Everfund with easy deployment in all aspects of their charity and embed as many donation opportunities for their supporters to easily donate in no time. Using Everfund widely across their charities meant that they were able to not only combat the effects of what COVID-19 had on them, but also expand their services during this time with the amount of income they were able to raise. Here's what their CEO, Simon Hoare, had to say about their experiences using Everfund during the recent outbreak.

"Everfund has fundamentally changed our fundraising during the Coronavirus crisis by enabling us to share our donation portals anywhere for our generous donors to easily donate to us with thousands raised every month through the platform so far.

It's given us a really easy-to-use platform that looks and feels good and most importantly will work for our donors. The donation channels are really cool and we can put links and QR codes on everything to direct donors to our portals.

Without Everfund we would have really struggled as we're relying on the significant increase of donations to help with the additional demand to support those most hard-hit during this time and it has already helped us to expand our services when it is needed most"

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We are currently working hard to release the full version of Everfund to the public in Q4 2020. If you'd like to be one of the first to get the benefits of a supercharged fundraising platform, you can register your interest below to start using Everfund as soon as it's released!

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