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Implementing multichannel fundraising: 7 ways to increase donations using Donation Links

Hannah Calvert
Hannah Calvert

What are Donation Links?

Donation links take donors to a highly optimised donation page and they can be shared on an almost unlimited number of digital channels such as social media, email and video calls. These touch points have somewhat replaced traditional fundraising methods and are proving to be vital since the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the way donors communicate, how they spend their money, and their habits.

Check out these 7 easy ways to make a big difference to your fundraising to keep up with your donors changes with donation links!

1. Social Media:

Sharing donation links on social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook will increase donations because they will be shown to your loyal, long-term supporters. The links are easily accessible and will most likely result in high-conversion rates because your social media followers see your posts voluntarily so they will most likely have some level of interest in your appeal. For example, these followers may be repeat donors and an easily-accessible donation link appearing in their feed could prompt them to do so again.

2. Email:

Including unique donation links in email footers or in donation campaigns sent to your email list can increase donation opportunities. Also, targeting people who have subscribed to receive regular emails and newsletter are more likely to donate because they have already displayed interest in the charity.

3. Supporters and Corporate Partners:

It is important that supporters who fundraise on behalf of your charity are equipped with the right tools to raise as much as possible. Therefore, providing supporters with a unique donation link that collects Gift Aid and marketing consent will help them to gain crucial fundraising insight to obtain the maximum reach possible. Some examples of supporter events that could be improved using donation links are virtual fundraising events and sponsored challenges. If a corporate partner chooses to host a fundraising event in aid of your appeal, co-branding donation links helps to give context to the donors.

4. Websites:

Traditional donation forms used on websites are often overly complicated and take the donor a significant amount of time to fill out and many donors will give up during the process. Therefore, having fast, easy to use donation links embedded in your website will increase your conversion rate and reduce the risk of donors dropping off due to frustration.

5. Print Media:

Aside from the rapid rise of digital interaction, print is the most valuable offline touchpoint used to communicate with donors. Unique QR codes and short URLs can be placed anywhere on new or existing print designs and they provide an easily accessible donation opportunity to whoever is nearby. Placing these QR codes and URLs in areas with high footfall will be beneficial for reaching the most people.

6. Zoom calls and live streaming events

Donation links can be shared during live video calls such as during meetings with partners or in fundraising events. This aspect is very useful when hosting virtual charity events because links can easily be posted in the chatbox of the meeting, making donating simple. Supporters attending these events are already in the fundraising mood so they will be likely to donate using provided links or QR codes laid over the screen.

7. Documents, reports and PDF:

If you regularly print and provide reports or share digital PDF documents with people outside of the organisation, it will be useful to provide a QR code and short link that take people back to your donation links. This could be included on annual reports or any headed documents.

Take action now!

Embrace multi-channel fundraising and implement easy to use, optimised donation links across your channels, in order to have the best chance of achieving your fundraising goals. Using a quality platform that does the work for you will make taking action easier in less time.

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