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Choosing the right fundraising platform for your charity after the close of Virgin Money Giving

Hannah Calvert
Hannah Calvert

Are you currently using Virgin Money Giving and looking for another donation platform? As a charity you must make sure that you choose a donation platform that is devoted to making the donation process as streamlined as possible. Here are some of the key qualities you should be looking for in a great fundraising platform.

A Positive Donor Experience

The donor experience should be fast, easy and simple, with a minimal amount of clicks. With Everfund your donors will be able to make a donation in as little as 15 seconds within three screens. This is extremely efficient compared to other website donation portals which often take 7-10 minutes to complete. Another way we ensure donating is easy and fast is by using modern digital wallet services such as Apple Pay and Google pay. These payment methods allow information to be auto-filled, avoiding the time-consuming process of filling out multiple forms, which will maximise your conversions.

Gift Aid

All good donation platforms should take Gift Aid and encourage donors to declare it. At Everfund, we understand how valuable Gift Aid is, which is why our technology remembers donors who have previously visited the platform so they won’t have to declare Gift Aid each time they donate with you. This approach has resulted in an outstanding 67% Gift Aid declaration rate.

Recurring Donations

Successful donation platforms must also encourage repeat donations. With recurring donations run through Direct Debits, on average 3% of donors drop out per year, meaning that if we have 100 donors make a recurring donation to you within a year, only 3 of them will have stopped by the end of it. Implementing this recurring donation method across all charity touchpoints using donation links will result in recurring income.

Performance Tracking

Everfund’s donation links also allow you to track the performance of specific parts of your fundraising campaigns by creating multiple links for each of your channels, appeals and touchpoints. By using our dashboard to access all the data you need, you will be able to determine which channels are working well for you and make informed decisions regarding your fundraising strategy. Even with all of these effective features, Everfund costs 6.5 times less than the leading fundraising platform!