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Create donation portals, harness innovative donation channels and drive more donations with the latest fundraising tools from Everfund.

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Use contactless enabled print and other channels with custom donation portals.

What can Everfund do?


From a tap of a phone using contactless tech, to sharable links and custom donation portals, you can take donations in the digital fundraising age.

Donate with
Card, Apple and Google Pay.

Gift Aid +
Data Capture.

Stay in touch with supporters, collect Gift Aid and harness powerful data about your charity's fundraising to stay ahead of the curve.

Automatic capture
Ready 24/7.

Appeal To
Smartphone Users.

Combat the rapid decline in cash donations without the need for expensive hardware, donor accounts or extra apps.

Optimised for the
mobile first world.

High performance, high yielding donations.


Average donation

Everfund yields 293% higher average donations than a popular contactless alternative.


Donors cover our fees

Your donors care about you and almost always cover the fees of our platform on your behalf.


Donors stay in touch

Loyal donors matter and giving them the opportunities to consent for you to contact them is paramount.


Donors declare Gift Aid

With only 11% of Gift Aiders declaring with paper forms, we make sure they always have the opportunity to declare.

Why? Digital is here, charities lack the tools to keep up.

Rapid Decline in Cash

Cash will account for just 16% of all payments by 2027, already making 70% of UK charities see falls in their cash donations. Everfund offers multiple digital donation channels to effectively combat this decline online and offline.

Alternatives are Expensive

Self-serve contactless donation terminals are expensive, costing around £160 - £2400 per unit, and yet they can only take small, one-off, and anonymous donations. Our ultra low cost donation channels mean there is very little risk to start effective digital fundraising.

Gift Aid Declarations are Broken

There is £600m in unclaimed Gift Aid each year, mainly due from lack of opportunities for donors to actually declare. Even when paper forms are present, only 11% of eligible Gift Aid donors declare. Everfund allows donors to digitally declare at the point of payment, so there is no need to add extra details.

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