Everfund.co.uk is coming soon!

But for now, scroll below to find out how Everfund gives charities cost effective and efficient tools for fundraising in the digital world which helps them combat the decline in cash donations.

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Our mission

To provide charities with a complete solution for effective digital fundraising, in-person and online, using modern technologies which seamlessly collect single and monthly donations, declares Gift Aid, and helps them stay in touch with their supporters.

Here at Everfund, we have developed a completely new approach of taking digital donations which requires no power, is cost-effective, and is easy to set up.

How we do it

Donation Points

Everfund allows any print promotional item, such as collection pot wrappers, posters, window stickers, banners and many more to become a point of sale for digital donations. Using contactless technology points (NFC tags), QR Codes and short links, we can make any print item an interactive donation generator for any charity.

All donors have to do is tap or scan the donation point with their phones to make a single or monthly donation, declare Gift Aid with a click of a button and leave their details to stay in touch with you, all within a beautiful mobile-friendly donation portal, complete with your charity's custom branding.

Donation Widget

So, you're able to take donations in-person, how about on your website too? With our unique embedded donation widget, Everfund can be installed onto any website to allow you to have another channel to take digital donations with all the benefits that Everfund brings in-person.

Cashless digital donations

Tap or scan your phone to start donating

With Everfund, all donors have to do is tap or scan their phones on your Everfund donation points to start making a donation to your charity straight away, without downloading any apps!

It's just as easy to take donations through the donation widget too. Donors just have to visit your site and the donation widget will do the rest of the work for you.

Donations can be taken through Apple and Google Pay (plus other popular digital wallets), standard card payment, and Bacs Direct Debit. Everfund donations are secure and adhere to the latest SCA regulation to reduce fraud and chargebacks.

Gift Aid declarations

...with a click of a button

With Everfund, gone are the days where charities have to hand out lengthy A4 Gift Aid declaration forms and manually enter them into their old desktop CRMs to collect declarations.

With our donation portal, we handle Gift Aid declarations with the click of a button so you, as the charity, and the donor will never have to handle an A4 declaration form again.

When it's time for your charity to submit your Gift Aid declarations to HMRC, just export them from our dashboard and submit. The exported .CSV file is already in HMRC's required format so it's easy to claim an extra 25% of all your Gift Aid declared donations.

Stay in touch with your supporters

Everfund makes taking donor's details a breeze

With GDPR handled, take your donor's details easily by allowing them to consent to stay in touch with you via email, phone and home address.

You'll see all of the donors who wish to stay in touch with you through our dashboard where you can easily export the data to your favourite CRM.

Simple, cost-effective pricing

We have engineered our pricing model together with our unique features to help maximise your return on investment.

  1. Everfund donation points

    The only cost you need to start is our Everfund donation points. These are the print items with our contactless technology embedded on to them which are used by your donors to start making their donations to you. They can come in a variety of forms:

    1. Collection pot/bucket wrappers
    1. Banners
    1. Posters
    1. Window stickers
    1. Vinyl stickers
    1. Strut cards
    1. ...and many more!
  1. Transaction fee

    Our transaction fees are taken as a percentage of donations. The fees consist of Everfund's fee and our Payment Partner's fees (Stripe for single donations, GoCardless for monthly)

    There are a number of ways fees can be reduced:
    1. Gift Aid declarations will cover the fee

      If a donor declares Gift Aid to your charity through Everfund, you'll receive an extra 25% more, backed by the Government.

    1. Donor covers the fee

      Within your donation portal, we offer the chance for the donor to cover our fees on behalf of you so you get 100% of their donation to you.

    1. Apply for non-profit rates

      With single payments, we use Stripe who will offer your Charity's account non-profit rates. Get in touch with us or Stripe to apply for non-profit rates.

    1. Balance your plan with us

      If your donation volume continues to grow through Everfund, you can move up a tier and pay a monthly subscription to reduce fees and suit your current volume of donations.

  1. Subscriptions - Starts at £0/m!

    We have a variety of custom plans to suit any sized charity, but to start using Everfund it's £0 per month! Choose the that is right for you. If you're unsure, talk to us, but if you're just starting out, we would recommend the Fundraiser tier to get you started. You can see our pricing in the table below.

  1. Donation Widget installation

    We can typically install our ever-updating website donation widget onto any charity website for less than 1/4 of the cost a web agency will charge you. Get in touch with us regarding how much this will cost for your website.

How do I start?

  1. Speak to our sales team: sales@tapkit.io / 01522 837 255
  1. Choose your pricing plan and select your Everfund donation points with us
  1. Sign up through Everfund's dashboard
  1. Set up and customise your Everfund donation portal with us
    • If you're using Everfund's web widget on your site, here's when we'll install it for you.
  1. Sign up to our Payment Partners, Stripe and GoCardless
  1. Connect your payment accounts with us
  1. Start collecting donations!

As Everfund comes to fruition, keep a look out when Everfund's new website launches. You will find it here: Everfund.co.uk.

Everfund feature release list

Everfund is still in its early days and is currently releasing its initial features. Below is a list of what features to expect throughout the rest of 2019, the ones with stars* are in development now!


Coming soon:

You can request features to be released sooner by contacting us.

As a young start-up business, we are always looking to improve and develop ourselves. If you have any feedback whatsoever, please don't hesitate to let us know: hello@tapkit.io