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6 Tips to increase your online donations

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Everfund takes the friction out of fundraising with easy to set up donation portals that help you reach more donors anywhere and convert more income for your charity.

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Capture Gift Aid, recurring donations and marketing consent in places where you normally can't
Everfund helps you place donation opportunities in places which traditionally don't have a full digital donation methods on your online and offline touch points.
Create more donation opportunities across all of your non-profit's touch points
Spread high performing donation portals anywhere your donors engage with your non-profit, no matter where they are, online or offline.
Less to set up, less to manage, more fundraising
Simple and easy to use platform, for you and your donors, that helps you spend less time managing systems and more time fundraising.
See where your fundraising works best in real time, without guess work
Every donation is tagged with exactly where it converted from using Everfund's unique donation link codes which you assigned to anywhere you fundraise from.
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About Tree Tops Charity

Your donations will help us take patients from our local hospital for days out in our centre and garden to provide a breath of fresh air while they are receiving their care.

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Brand New for 2021

Revolutionary Donation Gateway at the center of Everfund

At the core of Everfund's solutions is our high performance donation gateway, providing donors with the best donation experience in record times, and you the ability to capture high converting donations you need for your cause.

Effortless payment methods
Process donations with smart card payment forms, and Apple and Google Pay to maximise conversions in the fastest time.
Recurring Donations
Take monthly recurring donations on the same donation page with Direct Debit and create loyal, long term supporters with no up-front Direct Debit set up costs.
Smart Gift Aid collection
Everfund will remember donors in the platform and manage Gift Aid the smart way without having to declare each time they donate with you.
Marketing Consent
Collect donor contact details through GDPR friendly marketing consent to stay in touch with donors who want to stay in touch and support you in the long run.
Supporter management
View donor history with you from previous donations, Gift Aid declarations and marketing consent.
Automatic donation receipt emails
Everytime a donor makes a donation, Everfund automatically send them an email receipt for their records and also sends reminders for those donating monthly.

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